Common Mistruths About 'The Bush' Revealed (And We're Not Talking About The Former President)

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I'm not sure how taboo the subject of pubic hair is, but personally I love talking about it! Seriously, friends, neighbors, the cashier at Duane Read—pubic hair (which will be abbreviated as PH for the remainder of the article, because I think it's funny) is a great conversation starter! You can really learn a lot about person based on their PH preference.

I think it's amazing that some men wouldn't go down on a woman with a full bush, while some men absolutely love it. I don't know which is stranger, and I don't really care, fact is there's a lot of debate about the hair on the pubis and I just love the drama!

It's even interesting that PH preference changes over time! For example, I think it's bonkers some women laster that shit off for good!! What if you want a little something-something down there one day. Now it just won't grow! How strange! Frankly, I think a completely bald man (both on his head and down below) is just weird. The same goes for a woman.

On the subject of PH, personal preferences aside, there's actually a lot of mistruth surrounding those curly, course bastards and I think it's about time we set the record straight! Whaddya say?

According to the Daily Star, there are 5 common myths about PH that most people still believe today. I went ahead and chose my 3 favorite.

  1. The color of your pubes, matches your hair—nope, the carpet doesn't have to, and rarely does, match the drapes!

  2. Pubes make sex less enjoyable—Au contraire! PH acts as a nice barrier for friction.

  3. PH never stops growing—LOL, how does anyone still believe this!! Obviously, your pubes aren't going to grow down to your ankles, that's just insane. According to an expert at Women's Health—It will stop and basically stay at a certain level, and then it will shed and new ones will grow.

Daily Star

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