I've Watched This Putt-Putt Golf Hole-In-One 15 Times And Still Think It's The Most B.S. Shot Ever

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I'm not much of a putt-putt golfer — I typically stick to the big links rather than playing on dirty, smelly, squirrel piss-filled AstroTurf — but, if there are enough people in a group willing to grab some beers and play a round or two, sure, I'll do it.

I mean, who the hell doesn't want to hit a neon colored golf ball with a rubber putter into a hole that's being blocked by a Clown's mouth? You know exactly what I'm referencing.


Anyway, while I may not hit up the mini golf circuit too frequently, I can absolutely identify a shot that's complete bullshit — and, ladies and gents, I think I've found the winner in that category, because, sit down, this insane hole-in-one is so good it's bad... and it might actually piss you off like it did me.

Talk about F'in luck, right? Hope this dude went out and bought a Lotto ticket after the round.

This is how I sort of imagine this whole scenario even coming into existence, because, as you can see in the video, whoever was golfing with the guy who makes it — presumably a surprised/upset buddy — doesn't even let the ball go into the hole, swiping it away before it touches the bottom of the cup.

Shooter: "Yo, man, I'll bet you $50 I can make a hole-in-one from atop of this hole, standing behind this fence.

Buddy: (laughing) "Dude, are you F'in serious? I'd be a moron not to take that bet! Good luck... jackass!"

Shooter: (smirking) "I'm even going to run my ball down that drainage sewer and let my ball just drop in."

Buddy: "You really are stupid, dude."

Seconds later and, well, you know the rest of the story.

It's moments like this when you realize luck is very real — and, like unicorns and mermaids, that putt-putt gods really do exist.

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