Putting Liquid Nitrogen In A Plastic Bottle Is A Dangerous Science Experiment Not To Be Tried At Home (VIDEO)

Image via YouTube

As a kid blowing things up was something that we all probably tried at least once. While dangerous as hell, it's always fun to see something explode because, well, I don't know why, really? It's just amusing.

Anyway, most of us grew out of that little stage of our lives, instead moving on to more productive ways to waste our time. Those who didn't, though, have given us a few videos of why it was smart to give up experimenting with homemade bombs—and this plastic bottle filled with liquid nitrogen is another example why.


Exploding like a balloon being popped, trying this at home should not be one of life's accomplishments, so let's just stay entertained by this guy from the video and hope he doesn't lose a limb anytime soon.

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