Land Or Sea? How About Dominating Both In This Badass All-Terrain 'Quadski'

Image Via Hammacher Schlemmer

Personally speaking, I prefer water to land. To me, drowning seems less terrifying than falling off a steep cliff—sorry, my brain tends to immediately gravitate toward the "worst case scenario." That being said, with the ultra-convenient Quadski, you'd never even have to make the decision. You can easily navigate between land and sea like The Little Mermaid. Hm, not exactly a badass example, hold on. Let's rephrase—you could easily navigate between land and sea like Jesus Christ....Better?

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As per Hammacher Schlemmer

"This is the world’s first high-speed all-terrain vehicle that travels both over the land and water at up to 45 mph. Powered by a 140-hp BMW engine, it operates as an ATV on land with four 12"-diam. aluminum wheels, 25" Diam. x 8" W rubber tires, electronic shift transmission (with reverse), and four-wheel disc brakes. With rear-wheel drive and an 8 1/2" ground clearance, the ATV uses independent coil springs to provide a smooth ride over any terrain. Upon entering the water, its retraction system raises the wheels above the waterline to a 45° angle to enable smooth waterborne riding in less than five seconds. The engine's power automatically transfers to a proprietary Gibbs jet drive that propels the craft to planing speed in seconds while the handle bars control the jet’s vectored thrust for easy maneuvering over the water. Its monocoque composite hull and comfortably padded seats support two riders weighing a total of 350 lbs. A 15-gallon unleaded fuel tank provides a 250-mile range on land and three hours of operation on the water. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, or Black. "

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With the exception of the color options at the bottom, that description went—WHOOP—right over my head. I don't have a brain for numbers, let alone numbers associated with anything that has an engine, but what I can say, is that this thing LOOKS FUN. Pictures are something I most definitely understand.

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