Quentin Tarantino's R-Rated 'Star Trek' Gets A Fan Trailer, And It Kicks Ass


Word of the coming together of Quentin Tarantino movies and Star Trek movies broke back in December, and it instantly got people talking. Some believe that what will be the first R-rated film in the history of Star Trek is exactly what the franchise needs to shake things up, while others feel that Tarantino's unique approach will blow things apart in such a way that it will never be put back together again. As we noted last year in a piece on the subject, "The fact that he's been given the green light for an R-rated adventure already suggests that his will be a subversive take, filled with violence, gore and (as prudish as it sounds) language that just doesn’t fit within what Trek has always been. However it all plays out, there's one inescapable fact, though: the final frontier is never going to be the same."

Without saying the above statement would be good or bad, we can point to a new trailer made by Nerdist.com that, despite any misgivings we may have, is a hell of a lot of fun. Among the highlights, our narrator tells us: "They meant to bring peace to the galaxy; they brought their pieces instead!" (followed by lots of gunfire); "It's a galaxy of green blood, green women... and Nazis!"; "Captain Kirk — the Captain's Log isn't the only wood that he's packing!"; "Mr. Spock, half Vulcan, half human, full killing machine!"; "Uhura, sending out vibes on all frequencies!"; and "Chekov, one bad ass mother-Russian!"

If we were able to get this film as represented by this trailer, and it was established that this is an alternate universe Star Trek or some such thing, we'd have no choice but to get behind it. This is so much fun, and it truly does capture the flavor of a Tarantino movie — despite the fact it only uses footage from the original series. Scotty, beam us all in!

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