QVC Model Shows Audience Her, Ahem, Nether Regions While Wearing Spandex Booty Shorts

Image via QVC

We all know that sex sells, but, my goodness, some of these QVC women may be taking that to heart a little bit too much.

Sandra Challal, a model for the at-home shopping network, was standing there in her spandex booty shorts the other day when, all of a sudden, things got a little bit too tight around the vaginal area, leaving the audience with a clear view of Challal's cameltoe, so to speak.

Appearing on the French version of the show, Sandra Challal had no idea all that she was showing off—which is usually the case when something like that happens—so she just stayed the course as the camera panned up and down.

It's not the first time QVC has made the news for giving viewers a bit too much, with one model, Sammi Marsh-Wade, "flashing the high beams" months ago, and, just a week or so later, another one Natasa Malbasa, did something similar.

While this could have been embarrassing, Sandra Challal didn't seem too distraught or even fazed, so good on her for downplaying it all.


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