The Top-5 Heartbreaking Buzzer Beaters In NCAA Tournament History

Well, after each and every one of our brackets have been busted—c'mon, you didn't really have Gonzaga, South Carolina, Oregon and North Carolina as the last four teams standing in the NCAA Tournament, did you?—it's the weekend we've all been waiting for: The Final Four.

While the past three weekends have treated us to some phenomenal games and sweat-inducing finishes, within a few days, we'll have a new king of college basketball, crowning one of the aforementioned teams to end this year's March Madness.

Sure, the drama has, once again, been amazing and, surprise, things didn't shake out as we all expected, but isn't that what makes the tourney so great? Of course it is!

And, even though you're out a couple of bucks because you totally bombed on your picks, doesn't mean we can't still celebrate some of the most insane, heartbreaking, unbelievable moments that the tournament has ever given us.

That's why, to get you in the mood for these final three games, we watched loads of film, trying to figure out which five buzzer-beating shots were the best in March Madness history. We'd like to say we did a decent job of narrowing them down to five—but what do you think, are these really the ones that hoops fans everywhere remember the most?

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