Stunning Reality TV Star Sets Up Her Boyfriend's Best Friend In Cleavage-Filled Prank

Often times here at FHM, we like to be the angel over your shoulder urging you to do the right thing. We understand that most situations can be complicated and there's a lot of gray area, but as a rule, we aren't scumbags. Take sleeping with your friend's ex, for example. We agree that while it's morally wrong, matters of the heart (not the dick) some time take precedent to everything else.

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We're here for you guys, really! That being said, we have NO F'IN CLUE what we'd do in the following situation because if nothing else, it's extremely hard to make a rational decision when a beautiful, busty woman is flirting with you. Yes, men are that simple. Hey! At least we own it, right?? Additionally, we hear it can help you live longer—not the flirting part, the busty women part.

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So basically this dude, JMX, real name Joel, has a pretty big YouTube channel with an "About" section that reads—"19 and I get to play football, fifa and make videos for a living, its so sick and I am forever grateful!"

In this particular video, with the help of his STUN-NING girlfriend Jessica Rose they attempt to prank Joel's best friend, Max, into hitting on Jessica. Before I show ya'll the video. Please refer to Exhibit A below.

It was crucial to show you a photo of Jessica before getting to the prank itself. Context, people! To be fair, we just reaalllllly wanted to lay on thick with how HOT she is! Like, damn, I don't know if I'd be able to resist my baser instincts. Again, yes, men are that simple. Here it is, Fellas—

Don't feel too bad for Max! I'm sure for those couple of minutes he was having the time of his life! That is until he heard, "I want your tiny Irish penis inside of my ear." Then we're sure it was pretty much game over!

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