13 Red-Haired Beauties That Will Add Some Serious Heat To Your Day

Look, we'll be honest with y'all — when it comes to women, we love them all! Blonde, brunette, rainbow..it doesn't matter! That being said, there's just something especially hot about red headed women. Don't believe us? Well, get ready to be schooled, because the 13 women below will most definitely have you signing a different tune.

We know "gingers" are presumably evil and all that South Park BS, but even IF it were true. We'd risk it for these stunning ladies. Best part? Most of them have piercing green eyes and frankly, what's a more stunning combination than that, right?

All of the girls below aren't what you'd call famous. That is to say, we didn't throw any celebrities into the mix. Of course, that doesn't negate the fact that Hollywood is full of hot red heads and we thought, well, maybe we should just go ahead and mention one or two of our favorites.

First and foremost, we have Christina Hendricks. The former Mad Men actress is quite literally one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Also, not for nothing — have you seen her husband? He's not exactly anything to write home about. If a dude like that, can score a lady like Christina. Maybe there's hope for all of us ordinary looking men.


Secondly, we've got Emma Stone. Now we know she's also been both blonde and brunette, but to hell with that mainstream noise. We definitely prefer her that she sticks to her red headed roots. C'mon, you guys have to agree! Those cute freckles, big green eyes, and scarlet red hair make for the absolute perfect look. Not to mention the fact she's crazy-hilarious. That's never a bad thing!


Alright, alright now that we've taken up a decent amount of your time go ahead and indulge in these 13 lovely red-haired women who will definitely add some necessary heat to your day.

See them all in the photos below!

Image Via Instagram/linakova