Not Getting Any? No Problem! Here's How To End Your 'Dry Spell' (As Per Study)

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I'd venture to say that it's perfectly natural to experience a dip in sexual satisfaction/frequency in any long-term relationship. I mean, there's a reason they say, "the honeymoon period is over", because it's exactly that, a honeymoon. Ya can't very well sustain a relationship on constant sex and good times—no matter how badly you'd like to.

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Question remains however, what's a normal dry spell versus a CODE RED dry spell? A week? A month? A YEAR?! Oh, the horror. According to the Daily Star as per a Superdrug study of 1,500 Americans and Europeans on the longest they've gone without sexual intercourse—"one person in a relationship said they had gone 11-years without sex while in said relationship and a married couple went 13-years without." Uh, okay, that's INSANE, but it gets ever worse—"The lengthiest answer for divorced people was 25 years and for single people was 27."

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Alright, so what do you do? Frankly, I'm thinking after 13-years with no nookie, that it's pretty much game over but hell, it's gotta be worth fighting for, right? You can't very well give up and remain sexless forever. Isn't that something solely reserved for the priesthood?

The study also asked couples/individuals how they managed to crawl out of the depths of these depressing dry spells and the answers varied from insightful to downright hilarious—"The survey also revealed that nearly half of men (47%) would lower their standards in order to get laid. A quarter (27%) said they would call an ex to try and break the spell. People who were experiencing dry spells in their relationships said talking with their partner was their number one method to end the spell. This was followed by trying new sex positions."

Can we all share a big LOL at the fact nearly HALF of men would lower their standards to get laid? I'm sure we all knew that but it's still damn funny to see it in print.

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