The Wildest Bedroom Behaviors That A Relationship Expert Has Seen Sure Are Freaky AF

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For all you men out there who want a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets, you're in luck, because DailyMail's relationship expert Tracey Cox talked about some of the wildest and freakiest sexual behavior from around the globe—so you may want to plan a visit.

Here are some of the crazy (and perverse) things that people have done for centuries from different countries, per DailyMail.

On Virginity

In medieval Europe, virgins were thought to be blessed with magic powers: able to pass through fires without burning, hold poisonous snakes without being bitten and catch salmon in their bare hands. If you couldn't do those things, you weren't a virgin.

On Castration

The Hebrews liked snipping off their enemy foreskins as war mementos; the ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians went the whole hog and took the lot. Egyptian Pharoah Menephta collected 13,240 penises from dead Libyan soldiers in 13000BC to celebrate his victory.

There's also the infamous story of two Thai wives who not only cut off their husband's penises, they made damn sure they couldn't be reattached. One, rather ingeniously, tied her husband's severed member to a helium balloon, the other simply chucked it out the window – straight into the mouth of a duck.

All those sound pretty insane, but just look at some of these present day occurrences that Cox describes. Yes, these actually happened.

There's the Hereford man jailed first for having sex with the pavement (1993), then two years later for having sex in public with a bin liner.

The US man, arrested for shooting himself for sexual kicks while wearing a bullet-proof vest (1992).

The proud Frenchman who left his 25cm (9¾ inch) penis to a friend in his will.

Not so long ago (1998) a man in San Francisco was charged with running a sex dungeon where you could have sex with an anteater, eels and a water buffalo.

One can only imagine the humiliation felt by the 59-year-old man from Sussex, who sat his friends down to watch a wedding video, inserted the wrong tape and instead treated them to him having sex with the neighbor's dog (1994).

So, we've got a man leaving his large penis for a friend after dying and a man who tried having sex with pavement because... I don't even know why?

And because it's important—or so we think—Tracey Cox describes some interesting fetishes, so be warned if a partner or significant other of yours mentions having any of these.


People, mainly men, who join 'Nappy Clubs' have a diaper fetish also called anaclitism. This involves needing to wear or use objects usually used by infants – dummies, nappies, rattles - before they can become aroused.


If you think that's odd, cast a suspicious eye over anyone abnormally absorbed in the Statue of David. A galateist or agalmatophiliac is a person sexually attracted to statues or mannequins.


People with this fetish are attracted to trees and bring themselves to orgasm by rubbing themselves against them.

There you have it, guys, some of the freaky, wild, perverse and otherwise weird sexual behaviors from around the word that, indeed, have happened. To read the full piece and see more info from Tracey Cox, head on over to DailyMail.


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