What's Really Going On Between Cubicles? A Survey On Workplace Romance Reveals The Dirty Details

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There's a lot of stigma surrounding relationships in the workplace for a number of reasons. As the old saying goes, "Don't dip your pen in company ink." Generally, the phrase is applied to men, but, hey! Works both ways. Men and women alike need to be hesitant of office romances. Nobody wants to turn into that "work couple" who drives everyone else in the company insane by way of PDA, constant breakups and inappropriate pet names— calling someone "babe" at the office is a hard limit for us, #SorryNotSorry.

That said, most people spend more time at work than they do at home. Isn't it inevitable that coworkers are going to start to connect on a friendly or even romantic level? That's just human nature, right? Right. Trouble is, is it worth it? Does it depend on the company or type of business? Does it depend on the type of person you're engaging in the relationship with? These are all definitely factors to consider.

In a recent survey from Insurance Quotes they surveyed 400 Americans currently in workplace relationships and 500 Americans not in workplace relationships to get their take on office romances, how they changed the way respondents approached their jobs, and which industries saw the most after-hours mingling. Read on to see what they uncovered.

The Top Industries With Workplace Romances

According to Americans surveyed, the majority of people in the hotel, food services, and hospitality industry were currently in workplace relationships. To be fair, we imagine it difficult to strike a proper work-life balance in those industries, thusly making it easier to find love at work. No judgement, y'all, just an observation.

Additionally, people who work in hospitality are subject to working weekends/holidays. When you're spending time with a coworker in an environment generally suited to socializing, things are bound to happen. As long as it's safe and consensual, we're all for it.

The Feelings Around The Office On Workplace Romance

According to the survey, Americans currently in workplace relationships considered themselves happier, more productive, and even more likely to be comfortable with their current rate of pay than those not dating or involved with a co-worker.

We were definitely shocked to read that! We suspected that feelings of paranoia, pressure, or even guilt would arise from an office relationship, but, nope! It appears as if most people respond well to workplace romances. Then again, we can see how adding an element of romance to the workplace could definitely keep things interesting, if you know what we mean.

To read the full study, head on over to Insurance Quotes.

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