A Sports Jersey Exchange Program Is Changing The Way Fans Rep Their Squad

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There are a lot of ways that people, especially sports fans, choose to rep their squad. Well now, thanks to a new sports jerseys exchange program, novice and diehards can literally "Rep the Squad", as a company bearing that exact name gives sports fans an opportunity to choose between their favorite players and/or teams — and it's changing the way sports jerseys are being worn.

The company, which is based in Seattle, Wa., launched its first sports jerseys just a few months ago, with a handful of NFL teams — like the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers — to choose from. Just recently, though, they've expanded into the NBA, too, giving fans the jersey of players like Golden State Warriors two-time MVP Stephen Curry. And, no joke, it's easier than you could ever imagine to do.

How Does Rep The Squad Work?

Ah, yes, the most obvious of first questions, how does Rep the Squad actually work? As we said above, it's pretty F'in easy, with fans simply choosing a team and player to add to his/her locker. Once that top choice is selected, the fan can register — with the monthly fee being just $20 — and they get one of their sports jerseys shipped right to their home or business. Oh, and these aren't your crappy little jerseys, either, but the authentic ones that NFL and NBA players are wearing on the gridiron or the hardwood. Rep the Squad even includes the sick NFL Color Rush options that teams wear on Thursday Night Football.

OK, So Oakland Raiders Running Back Marshawn Lynch Wants To Be Traded, Now What?

This is where the whole exchange program comes into gear, fellas. With so many different sports jersey floating around out there, if a guy like Marshawn Lynch wants to and is traded to another team, no sweat, simple send that jersey back and swap it for another player. Hell, it doesn't even need to be someone on the Oakland Raiders, but can be anyone else that Rep the Squad has to offer.

Great, Now The NFL Season's Almost Over, What Now?

Don't get all aggro, brother, 'cause, remember, Rep the Squad also does NBA sports jerseys, so simply send back the NFL jersey you borrowed during the season and select the NBA player of your choice. Oh, and here's the cool part: Rep the Squad also does Throwback sports jerseys, so a Seattle sports fan can scoop an old school Seattle Sonics jersey to wear around in the hopes of the NBA brings 'em back one day!

In a more firsthand experience, we signed up and have tried Rep the Squad for a couple of months now, wearing Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's jersey all season long, and it's been crazy convenient. Sure, spending $150 on an authentic sports jersey of your favorite player or team might sound like the simple and easy choice. But, for all the reasons we stated above, Rep the Squad has your ass covered in case an injury, trade, release or some other unforeseen event that only the sports gods got forecast happens, allowing you to send back the jersey, rather than have it gather dust in your closet.

From bars to living rooms, Rep the Squad is changing the face of sports jerseys and how fans show their favorite team's colors. Plus, when you spill BBQ sauce or beer all over the jersey you're borrowing from the place, you can just send it back and they'll clean it, rather than try to do laundry — 'cause, really, who in the hell wants to do that?

To find out more about Rep the Squad, head on over to their website, where they're offering FHM readers a special discount.

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