We've Got One Last Halloween Hoorah With The Best Costumes Worn By Weather Reporters (Video)

Image Via YouTube/NewsBeFunny

We know, we know...enough with this Halloween BS already! Well, guys, we've still got a few more hours and these reporter Halloween costumes are just too good to pass up. To be specific, these costumes are actually all being worn by weather reporters — even better! The weather is the only reason 90% people actually watch the news anyway. We mean, have you seen female weather reporters these days?!

Unfortunately, we're not here to get into the nitty gritty of hot weather girls. We're here for more comical pursuits. You know, sometimes laughing is just as great as looking at beautiful women (or so we've been told). This video is a prime example of why live television will forever be the best place to make an ass of yourself — Erm, actually, it proves why live television is the best place to WATCH people make asses of themselves.

Pretty freakin' hilarious, huh? Gotta love the endless possibilities of a quality green screen. We're wondering why a few of them didn't take a more frightening route. If we had access to a live audience of millions of people, well — there's a reason we don't have access to a live audience of millions of people. Oh wait, LOL, we do! You guys! I suppose it's not kind to scare the living sh*t out of your audience, we digress.

Anyway, we hope you've enjoy FHM's coverage of this spooky season. We feel like this was a positive note to leave off on and if nothing else, go ahead and brace yourselves for the endless array of Thanksgiving and Holiday content. Can you hear the Mariah Carey songs already? We sure can! 'Tis the season, friends.

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