Research Claims That Bigger Breasts On Women Aren't Necessarily What's Driving Men Crazy

Image via Shutterstock

For all you guys out there who may like big breasts, a new study from a team of scientists in Europe might have you rethinking your adoration for them, as they've discovered that it's not about the size of the breasts, but the shape that actually drives men crazy.

The study, titled “Men’s Preferences For Women’s Breast Size And Shape In Four Cultures," was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, and stated that, based off of the 312 male participants between the ages of 17-37 from various countries, it was shape that was most desired over size.

What these doctors found was that symmetry and firmness seemed most important to those who took part in the study, not breasts that were bigger than someone's head.

Based off of this research, most men ranked medium-sized breasts as their favorite, followed by large one and, finally, smaller chests. But it was the firmness, or "breast morphology," that got men the most excited.

Something tells me that there are men out there whose minds are blown right now. Science, guys.


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