Research Proves Four Key Benefits Of "Snipped" Men

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Most men don't quite get to decide whether they'd like to remain uncut, being newborns and all that. It's a bit unfair, actually. Shouldn't you be able to choose when you're old enough to understand if removing your foreskin is something that sounds appealing to you? Technically, yes, but it's a bit trickier than that.

A lot of parents circumcise their children due to cultural or religious values, so in that capacity the choice is never going to be yours. It's bigger than you. Also, think of it this way, say every parent did decide to leave the choice up to their son by no longer circumcising at birth. Do you realize how painful it would be in your later years? There's a reason it gets done when you've been alive for 30 seconds...you're too new to remember the pain.

This is in no way suggesting uncircumcised men have anything to be ashamed of, they don't!! But it looks like science has proven that the estimated 60% of males who are circumcised may have a leg up in a few areas.

For starters, a study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine whereupon 360 men underwent voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), states that it improved sexual pleasure and function for most men and significantly decreased coital injuries.

A decrease in sex injuries? Sounds pretty good to me. The question remains though, how bad could a sex injury get without circumcision? Do we really want to know?

Secondly, it may just help you last longer in the sack:

A study held in 2014 of adults who got VMMC recorded how long it took them to ejaculate pre-surgery and three months after circumcision. Men lasted an average of 20 seconds longer after their tip was snipped.

Alright, so longer sex, that's a plus! What else? Apparently your lady will be more satisfied, but not necessarily for the reasons you may be thinking:

A study in 2011 found adult males who get circumcised tend to have lower rates of HPV infection, and so did their female partners. Therefore, since fewer men were infected, fewer transmitted HPV to their partners. About 40 percent of the women reported being more sexually satisfied after their partner's circumcision; the reason — better hygiene.

Nobody can complain about being cleaner, right? Continuing along that path, there's another final benefit and it's a pretty big one:

A study in 2009 in Uganda found circumcised men have a 25 percent lower risk of genital herpes, and a 35 percent lower risk of HPV, a virus that can lead to genital warts and cancer.

Well, I know I mentioned that getting circumcised during adulthood would be super painful, but maybe the juice is worth the squeeze? We'll let you guys decide.

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