Researchers Warn Women To Stay Away From These Four Types Of Men

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Admittedly, it's not really fair to generalize all men. The circulation of these lump statements alluding to the idea that there's no such thing as a good guy is a bit, well, disrespectful.Here's the thing though, these generalizations weren't started over night!

They didn't just manifest out of thin air! Poof: men can't commit! Poof: men are selfish in bed. Poof: white men can't jump (mostly a joke). This sh*t starts for you a reason. The reason being that, you bring it upon yourselves. You create these themes and patterns that women pick up on and subsequently share with other women, turning it all into one big festering wound.

I wish I could offer you some good news today, but a las, that's not how this is going to go. On top of women warning other women about men, now scientists are joining the party. They're even putting you all into categories! Pretty organized, don't you think?

Generally speaking, most men will fit into some (or even all) aspects of these descriptions, in which case, women are going to start being repelled by you because you've been proven more likely to break hearts. Don't get mad at me though, it was Dr. Paul DePompo who got the ball rolling on this research. He broke the descriptions down into two parts during an interview with Fox News. First he explained who each man is, then he explains how to spot him.

Seeing that most of reading are men, I'm going to spare you the suspense. You can spot "him" in the mirror, but for good measure, here are the descriptions:

Mr. Charming: Mr. Charming is hard to resist. He’s smart, fun, likeable, exciting, and only likes to be around such people. “Believing he deserves to have what he wants, he sees the affair as rewarding him for the special person he is. To accept less than what he wants would make him feel like a fool. He could be ‘fine’ in his marriage yet still believe he should exercise his sexual prowess. Getting you means he’s still got it … until he gets you,” DePompo told Fox News.

Mr. Deprived: Who he is: Mr. Deprived’s years of sexual frustration make him want to stray. “Though he and his wife may be good friends, he’s in the midst of a sexual self-esteem crisis and believes sex with you is a key piece to happiness. He has sexual fantasies that he cannot share with his spouse because she is not open to it or may put him down,” DePompo said. Although there are aspects to his marriage that may work well, he feels a deep longing for this physical connection.

Mr. Loney: Mr. Lonely comes across like a sweet lost puppy, but he’s far from it. He lacks emotional connection and just wants validation and attention from you. “He may find his wife/girlfriend to be demanding, and has learned it is ‘safer’ to avoid conflict at home. Mr. Lonely has a history of putting others first and now has a strong need for appreciation … and this hasn’t been happening — maybe ever. Though he considers the pros and cons of staying in the marriage, he is more focused on healing his hurt by connecting with you,” DePompo explained.

Mr. Ready: Mr. Ready is so done with his marriage. He wants to move on, but it may or may not be with you, DePompo said. “He has lost hope and does not expect loving feelings to return at home. Even if they could rekindle, he is spent and would not want it! He has considered the financial and parenting losses that would incur and is at peace with them.” There is no confusion here; he is moving on.

My question is, is there such thing as Mr. Charming, Deprived, Lonely, Ready? If so, I want to meet that guy.

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