Revive Your Dull, Rusty Knife By Following This Tip (Video)

Image Via YouTube/JunsKitchen

Before the internet, how else was a person supposed to learn how to clean the rust of their butcher knife? By going to an ACTUAL butcher? A professional-cutlery-cleaner? Uh, I think not. This is why we have YouTube, people. No sense in engaging in face-to-face conversation when you can just fire up that laptop and get to cracking—or should I say, hacking?

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Not hacking in the leaking-of-celebrity-nudes-way, but hacking in the making-your-life-easier-way (although, I suppose you could argue a naked picture of Emma Watson would make your life in some ways).

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Anyway, the multi-talented dude behind JunsKitchen shared this very helpful tutorial for polishing/sharpening a rusty knife. Unbeknownst to little ol' me, a lot of people are interested in this particular subject. Don't believe me? It was trending number ONE on YouTube, so eat that and learn a little something, will ya please? Unless you're a serial killer, stop reading this and consider a lifestyle/career change.



To make life easier, I went ahead and included all of the links Jun provided for the supplies used in the video. You're welcome! Also, sorry for stealing your thunder, Jun! Just trying to make this a one-stop-shop.

Sharpening Stone ―

Knife ―

So there ya have it, fellas! My hope is that you'll be sharpening/polishing your knives to make nice summer salads. Also, maybe don't do it around your cat. I don't know about you guys, but there was something off-putting about those two-fluffy orange cats being mere inches away from deadly/sharp objects.

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