This Guy Built An Insane Flying Suit, So, Basically, He's Iron Man

Image Via YouTube/WiredUK

Here at FHM, we've reported quite a bit on different flying technologies. From hoverboards to human-carrying drones, it seems that the future is in flight.

Not that these inventions aren't awesome in their own right, but this video from WIRED UK is definitely taking things just one step further.



I'd venture to say that most people have seen Iron Man. If not in theaters, then likely on a lazy Saturday while it's being aired on TBS or USA (which is generally every-other-weekend). The best part about Iron Man, is that unlike other superheroes (with the exception of Batman/Bruce Way), Tony Stark is a wealthy (billionaire, actually) industrialist and inventor.

His "super" strength comes from innovation, much like Richard Browning creating this flying suit. Browning also founded the British Technology start-up, Gravity which makes him even more like Tony Stark himself. The project totaled at a whopping $250,000. I guess it ain't cheap to fly.

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