The World's Oldest Veteran Is A Whiskey-Drinkin', Cigar-Smokin' Badass (And He's 111 Years Old)

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Guys, meet Richard Overton, the 11-year-old Texan who's the oldest veteran and still one major badass. Not only did he serve the United States during World War II after arriving by ship at Pearl Harbor, but he's still drinkin' his whiskey and smokin' cigars as if he were 30-something, which is part of the reason the guy is so admired.

A recent feature on Richard Overton by The Time Wire showed a man who, even 11 years past a century on earth, is still as sharp as a tack, witty as hell and happy as ever. After living through all that he has seen in his lifetime — which includes more memories than nearly anyone on the planet can compete with — Richard Overton still lives in the same Austin, Tx. home the he built himself nearly 70 years ago. Talk about goals, right?

Sitting on the front porch of that home is where the oldest veteran has pretty much made a name for himself, with Richard Overton known to sit there in a lawn chair, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. It's where, per The Time Wire, he spends nearly 10 hours each day, thinking about life and smiles and jokes.


After a scare with pneumonia caused him to head to the hospital — where in flirted with nurses and prayed for a recovery — Richard Overton returned to his front porch to get back to what he loves to do most, hang on that porch. It's where his friends and family say is, "his stage," and it's where the lifelong Austin resident and oldest veteran prefers to be, telling The Time Wire, "I just sit out here and rest."

Starting his day around three-in-the-morning each day, Overton drinks two-to-four cups of coffee, walks around his house to get the blood flowing and, get this, then smokes his first of 12 cigars in the day. No joke, if this is the secret to a long life and happiness, how many men are going to start following Richard Overton's model? Plus, it sounds like the best way to live.

Once honored by former President Barack Obama back in 2013 at a Veteran’s Day ceremony at the White House — which was Overton's second trip in his lifetime — he's also met a number of other politicians, celebrities and athletes, with each jokingly asking his secret. His reply? God and cigars. Hell, while celebrating his 111th birthday on May 11 of this year, Richard Overton received more than 40 bottles of whiskey and some cigars, too, with the alcohol surely enough for the oldest veteran to mix up one of his go-to (and simple) cocktails, a whiskey and Coke.

Although Richard Overton can no longer walk up and down the street as he once could not long ago, he's every bit as happy sitting in his lawn chair to sip whiskey and smoke cigars. He talks, sings, waves to passerbys and epitomizes the quote from the book and film, The Shawshank Redemption, "I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying."

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