Forbes Has Released Their Annual List Of Billionaires (With A Combined Net Worth Of $9.1 Trillion)

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There's always been a lot of debate about who the richest person in the world really is, because, unless there's a system that accurately counts real, cold hard cash and the estimated price of stocks and investments, no one can really know for sure. However, that doesn't mean that we can't go off of the information we do know, and, according to a recent report in Forbes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' net worth has now reached an insane $112 billion, meaning that, yep, he has more money than anyone ever has.

So, how did Jeff Bezos' net worth get to be so high? Well, everyone has seemed to move towards online shopping, and his Amazon services is unmatched when it comes to delivering the goods. How do we know that online shopping has become such a hit? Look no further than the amount of money Jeff Bezos coined in the first week of 2018 alone, which was reported by Inc. a month ago to be an absurd $6 billion-plus. But, even more impressive, is the fact that Bezos has, reportedly, seen his net worth skyrocket an unbelievable $50 billion in just two years, per Forbes, which is more than the entire gross domestic product of entire countries like Iceland, Greenland or Monaco, among others, over the same period.

Digging deeper into the numbers, per Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos' net worth was certainly helped by Amazon's strong five-week period from Thanksgiving to Christmas 2017, where the online retailer captured 89 percent of online spending. Think about that, nearly nine out of 10 people shopping online were buying from Amazon. That's just ridiculous, and goes to show the stranglehold that Bezos' company has on the marketplace.

There may not be step-by-step tips to become a billionaire — although Bill Gates once offered up a few tips to at least give us some hope we can achieve such wealth — but it's interesting to see how a few guys who have been the richest person in the world do make such cash. In fact, Bill Gates, who is believed to have once eclipsed the $100 billion net worth mark once before and is currently worth $90 billion, has so much money that he has donated $36 billion to charity, mostly giving to the world's largest private philanthropic foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Beyond just Bezos and Gates, Forbes' 2018 list includes a veritable feast of wealth beyond comprehension. From social media empires to fashion conglomerates, the 15 men below represent the richest, and subsequently, most powerful men on the planet.

For those of you wondering if any women made the list, look no further than Alice Walton. Sitting just short of no. 15 on the list, Walton has a net worth of $46 billion as the heiress to the Walmart fortune.

Forbes' Top 15 Billionaires of 2018

  1. Jeff Bezos, $112 billion

  2. Bill Gates, $90 billion

  3. Warren Buffett, $84 billion

  4. Bernard Arnault and family, $72 billion

  5. Mark Zuckerberg, $71 billion

  6. Amancio Ortega, $70 billion

  7. Carlos Slim Helu and family, $67.1 billion

  8. Charles Koch, $60 billion

  9. David Koch, $60 billion

  10. Larry Ellison, $58.5 billion

  11. Michael Bloomberg, $50 billion

  12. Larry Page, $48.8 billion

  13. Sergey Brin, $47.5 billion

  14. Jim Walton, $46.4 billion

  15. S. Robson Walton, $46.2 billion

Back to Jeff Bezos' net worth real quick, though. In a fun little exercise, the aforementioned Inc. article wanted to breakdown just how much the $6.1 billion Amazon's CEO has made so far this year would go. Here's what they were able to conclude:

And, with that, Jeff Bezos has officially become the American dream. Man, that's so much money, guys.

To see Forbes' complete list, head here.

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