Rita Ora Busts Out Red Bikini On Instagram And She Looked Oh So Fine

It's not really new information, but, in case you didn't already know, Rita Ora has that sort of undeniable, raw sex appeal that makes it hard to focus. But really, we don't mind. Who needs to pay attention at work in the face of such beauty, anyway? Not us, that's for sure.

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It seems as of late Ora just can't seem to keep her clothes on and who are we to judge? We were born naked, so why not ride that wave for a bit? The 26-year-old singer, actress, and fashion designer from Britain has gotten behind a trend that, here at FHM, we hold in the highest regard — the hand bra! There has never been a gift so glorious bestowed upon mankind, other than maybe women wearing no bra at all.

When Rita's not using just her hand to cover up the top of herself, she's still looking pretty darn sexy, spotted while on vacation in Jamaica wearing a bright red bikini that can only be described as being spicy! That may be cliche and a bit corny, but, trust us, you'll agree after seeing the pics.

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In a series of new Instagram posts, Rita teases us with not one, but TWO hand bra pics, as well as a smattering of some stunning lingerie shots. Ora has always been sexy as hell, but we've gotta say, this is the best we've ever seen her look and it's something we fully support. We're not sure what's provoked her scantily-clad revolution, but we're here for it 100%. I think you guys will back us on this.

All of this hotness makes us wish summer could stick around for-ev-er... because ladies like Rita Ora always just seem to be their best selves when the sun is beating down and it's steamy as all hell!

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