Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr. And Other NFL Stars Read Mean Tweets To 'Humble' Them A Bit

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It really is a neck and neck battle between Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon when it comes to the figuring out who the King of Late-Night TV really is. And, each time one gets ahead—like when Fallon had Metallica and The Roots play "Enter Sandman" a few months ago—Kimmel comes back with a right hook when he asked random couples on the street how often they have sex.

If you like fun, both Kimmel and Fallon bring it—which is why we can never get enough of them.

And, in Kimmel's latest attempt to move ahead in the arms race, he has NFL stars like Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr., among others, read mean tweets about themselves—which, maybe, just maybe, "humbled" them just a little bit. The results were, of course, hilarious.


As expected, Gronk steals the show—as he often does.

Wearing a backwards Super Bowl 51 snapback, his mean tweet calls him out for being dumb and how he "probably can't read" anyways, so the person has "no problem saying it." His face after proving the snarky fan wrong is classic Gronk!

Getting celebrities to read mean tweets is one of the best ideas in modern history, so kudos to Jimmy Kimmel to actually have some of these guys actually agree to doing it—because it's always entertaining.

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