Robert De Niro Reads Mean Tweets And Sticks It To The People Talking Sh*t About Him

Image via YouTube

Even at the ripe old age of 73 years old, there are few people in the world who are more intimidating than actor Robert De Niro, who, for his entire career, has made a living playing some of the toughest movie characters.

With De Niro, seemingly, never backing down from anyone, when Jimmy Kimmel Live! asked him to participate in a special Academy Awards edition of their hit segment "Mean Tweets," Robert didn't sugarcoat his feelings while seeing what people said.


This is such classic Robert De Niro that it's hard to tell if he's acting or just responding as he normally would.


Considering De Niro's a 73-year-old man who probably either hates or knows little about Twitter, the reactions he gives people seem as genuine and intimidating as he has in any of his movies. One thing's clear, though, these people would never say this type of shit to Robert De Niro's face.

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