So, Uh, Robot Strippers Are A Thing Now And We've Got A Lot Of F'in Questions

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OK, this is going to sound a little crass, but we don't recall anyone asking for robot strippers! Sex robots, maybe, but not freakin' robot strippers. It's just a little too The Jetsons meets the "Thong Song" for our liking. Yes, we get it, technology is amazing, but is nothing sacred anymore? Also, to be fair, robot strippers make absolutely no sense! Especially if the robots in question don't start off wearing any clothing — as you'll soon see from the two beauties below, aptly named #R2DoubleD and #TripleCPU. Why don't you guys just go ahead and watch? We'll explain WTF you've just witnessed afterward, we promise.

We hope that was more humorous than it was traumatizing. If we're being honest, we found it to be a little bit of both. As you've probably already put together, the robots aren't strippers — not in the conventional sense. If anything, they're more like pole dancers. They were created under the UK initiative to "sex up security". Because, yes, if there's one thing security needs, it's to be sexy, right? As per PCMag:

" The idea for the two bodacious bots, each made of mannequin parts, windshield-wiper motors, a gate-opening motor and a CCTV camera, came from a well-known 2003 British quip about 'sexing up' a report to convince the UK to go to war in Iraq. Giles Walker, a longtime member of guerrilla art collective The Mutoid Waste Company, makes animatronic sculptures with a political bent. With closed-circuit surveillance spreading across the UK back in the early 2000s, he said, 'could they sex up the whole f***ing surveillance thing? It's bollocks. CCTV is about protecting property, not protecting people.'"

Alright, we're starting to calm down a bit — we realize these robot "strippers" are more of a political statement than something to be taken seriously. Of course, that doesn't stop weirdos from coming out of the woodwork. According to the BBC, Giles Walker was offering the robots for sale for $39,500 each. For that amount of money it better be on hell of a lap dance.

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