'Rogue One' Actor Riz Ahmed Freestyle Rapping About 'Star Wars' Is Top Class Stuff

Image via YouTube

If you've ever been put on the spot to freestyle rap, you know just how difficult the task is. Fumbling over your words and trying to come up with the perfect rhymes, it usually turns into an embarrassment more than anything else, proving that, nope, you're not the next Eminem.

However, actor Riz Ahmed—who stars in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was asked to show off his skills on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, forced to put together a rap using the words "Yoda," "Darth Vader" and "Lando Calrissian"—who helped fight the Evil Empire in multiple Star Wars films.

Ahmed's performance was impressive, don't you think?


Stuff like this always surprises me. Like, not only is Riz Ahmed a talented actor, but the guy can just come up with enough material to rhyme Star Wars-themed words with one another to actually rap? I guess I'm just a little bit jealous.

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