The List Of Tradeoffs People Are Willing To Deal With In Relationships Are Pretty Telling

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As someone who just recently got out of a long-term relationship, I can tell you that it's pretty interesting looking back and trying to find the few things that ultimately led to the thing ending. While there was eventually that "magic word" or situation that led to the breakup, a relationship is typically broken down over time, with it deteriorating for a number of reasons.

But, because of that big ol' heart and soul of ours, we tend to keep things alive because, you know, we care about the other person and are capable of overlooking their deficiencies, as they do ours. Hey, no one's perfect, guys... sorry if this is news.

That said, when things are tough and communication is breaking down, we hold on to certain things that replace those negatives, instead looking at positive stuff that sort of act as a band-aid. Unfortunately, some of these can be pretty surface level sh-t, like good sex, being spoiled or the fact that we're just happy our significant other has a career that doesn't include slinging drinks.

While that's not a bad thing—after all, we're all humans and value different things in a relationship—our friends over at Superdrug Online Doctor broke down some of the things that both men and women admitted they were willing to give up while in a relationship—and the results may actually sort of surprise you.

Sweet or Sexy?

Preferential Partners

How Often Do You Need Sex?

Would You Rather?

Sex vs. Chemistry

It's pretty interesting (and maybe a little shallow?) to see what some people are willing to sacrifice for their ultimate happiness, with 60 percent of men say they'd stick with someone who wasn’t their type as long as the sex was amazing. Man, leave it to some guys to get their fill physically and not emotionally, right? Hey, to each is own, fellas!

To see the full results, you can head on over to Superdrug Online Doctor.

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