Would You Wear This God Awful One-Piece Romper Made JUST For Dudes?

Image Via Instagram/RompHim

As a female, I often feel obliged to give my unsolicited fashion advice to men. Why? Because men comment on everything women do, fashion or otherwise. So, if I want to tell you your shirt's ugly, I'm going to do it, no questions asked.

With that being said, I REALLY don't know how to feel about this man-romper thing, I'm sorry, RompHim, to be exact. If I'm being perfectly honest, the fact I'm attracted to some of the men in the photograph is throwing me off a bit—little head VS. big head situation (is that even anatomically possible for me?)

Is this what you guys feel like when you see a sexy girl in a really ugly dress? Does the sexy cancel out the atrocious outfit? Perhaps you guys have had it right all along. No, no, no! I'm a woman, I cannot and will not look past terrible fashion choices—it's criminal! Hell, it's sacrilegious! I'm sorry fellas, as comfy as these look, they're just bad, really bad.

I think if you're in a college, ideally at a school with a Big Greek community that encourages Frat stars to wear pastels and boat shoes and float by off their trust funds, this outfit is acceptable. I can see it working for a daylong drinking or a court hearing for hazing pledges.

Here's their Kickstarter if you feel like being generous.


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