Rosanna Arkle's Either Really Cold Or She's Just Teasing Us In Latest Instagram Pics

It's not much of a secret that Instagram model Rosanna Arkle is an absolute perfect 10 in the looks and personality department. I mean, hell, just one look at the Australian-born and New Zealand-raised Rosanna and you can see why traffic would literally stop if she decided to walk into a crowded freeway.

What might be a little bit surprising is that the 28-year-old Rosanna scoops up some serious cash pretty much every single time she posts something onto her Instagram account. And we're not talking about just a little chump change here, fellas.

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According to a DailyMail piece from just a few months ago, Rosanna Arkle earns an estimated $3,000 for a single post! That's right, for just looking sexy, the blonde stunner's pocking about double your monthly rent, pal.

Speaking to The Gold Coast Bulletin*, here's how Rosanna Arkle described the surreal experience.

“It really depends on how many followers you have on how much you can charge (per post),” she said.

“But the standard rate is 0.1 per cent of your current following.”

“In the beginning I never set out to gain a following, but I have always had a passion for taking photos.

“I would set a timer on my camera — I still do, sometimes — and do little photoshoots at home because I enjoyed it.

“My Facebook already had a large following from being on The GC but it was this one photo in a grey onesie that took me from 600k to more than one million followers basically overnight.”

Man, talk about talent and luck, huh?

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While few people on the planet look as drop dead gorgeous as Rosanna Arkle does—and the photos below only prove that—she was still kind enough to at least lend some advice for those looking to improve the quality of their Instagram posts, with these being her four, must-have tips:

  1. Make sure your photos are good quality.
  2. Invest in a good digital camera with Wi-Fi so you can send the pictures directly to your smartphone.
  3. Post at the right times—between 6.30pm to 9pm—or in the morning.
  4. Interact with your followers by asking questions in the caption: eg ‘I’d like to know where all my followers are from, let me know below’ or ‘Tag a friend who likes Pineapples’.

Oh, man, if only it were really that easy, Rosanna.

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