Rosie Jones

Full name: Rosie Jones
DOB: 19 July 1990
Place of birth: Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, England
Occupation: Model

Rosie Jones Facts

She holds the world record for putting on and removing the most bras in one minute (the record being seven).

Her favourite film is Con Air. Yessss.

Rosie appeared in the video for Professor Green's Just Be Good To Green.

Why We Love Rosie Jones

As models go, Rosie Jones is definitely one of the most down-to-earth and straight-up hilarious that we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Her easy-going demeanor and pleasingly lowbrow sense of humour – combined with looks that could cure the blind and make the crippled walk – have earned the tag of “the ultimate girl next door”. Of course, sadly, she’s probably not literally the girl next door. It’s probably worth going round and knocking to check – you never know – but we’ll be honest, the chances are pretty slim.

Rosie is not, by the way, to be confused with the peacock-haired, 50-something female US golfer of the same name. Easier done than you’d think, as they’re both 5ft 7in.