Rosie Jones Shows Off Her Effortless Beauty In Busty Outfit

Ah, the ever-sexy and elusive Rosie Jones. We sure don't see as much of her as we'd like, but boy oh boy, when we do, it's magic.

Jones has that quintessential Girl Next Door look-kind brown eyes, a sweet smile, pouty pink lips-the whole beautiful bit. She stars to spice up though the further we move down. Seriously, those curves go on for days. She's fit and feminine all at once and we really can't get enough of her! Not to mention the fact she's described as one of the chillest, most down to earth models around. Is there really anything better?

As we said, she isn't too keen on constant social media posting, and frankly, it makes her EVEN hotter. She's mastered the art of playing hard to get, even if via Instagram (I guess that's 2017 for ya). Her infrequent posts most likely have to do with her speculated "retirement" from modeling.

Regardless, it didn't prevent Rosie from heading up Coachella this past weekend looking incredibly sexy in a flowy, Bohemian two-piece number. It may not be straight-up lingerie, but it doesn't make it any less sexy. Jones could rock a potato sack and still look flawless.

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