Rosie Roff's Latest Bikini Pics Are The Perfect Way To Remember The Summer ('Cause They Show Lots Of Skin)

British model Rosie Roff has long been one of our favorite follows on Instagram—and it doesn't take a long look to understand why that's the case, with the brunette bombshell posting things that really seem to appeal to our interests.

And the latest pics that Rosie tossed up are some of her hottest yet.

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Her two most recent photos are nothing short of spectacular, with Rosie first donning a white, button-down Oxford shirt as she stands around in water, with the front opened up for all of her 1.8 million followers to admire. The second one happens to be even more risque, as she sits on a window sill with nothing on expect some high heels, using her hand to cover up her breast.

Remember, this is the same Rosie Roff who let us in on some of her little secrets, revealing the ways that a man can impress her from the kitchen—which is something we should all know:

What Do You Find Sexy About A Man Who Can Cook?

"It shows that a man knows and takes pride his own tastes. It shows a confidence in who you are and what you like. Confidence is being secure in your masculinity. That's a sexy thing. But hey! if a man knows and understands that he hates cooking. Thats confidence too! We can always go out!"

So, clearly, Rosie Roff finds that confidence in and out of the kitchen is sexy, so it might be time to register for a cooking class or two, fellas.

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Now that you know how to maybe get a woman of Rosie's caliber, go forth, hone your skills and, hopefully, they'll be someone as sexy as Rosie Roff there waiting for you... and these pics will be a further indication of why.

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