Rosie Roff's Hottest Instagram Moments Will Resuscitate Your Boring Day Back To Life

We've said it before and we'll say it again — we don't exactly love playing favorites here at FHM, but, of course, it's inevitable! That being said, Rosie Roff is definitely one of our favorites and we suspect after getting a glimpse of her hottest Instagram moments, you guys will have to agree! Not only is the 28-year-old British bombshell an internet sensation, she's been super helpful with some much needed dating advice over the past few months.

We especially appreciate that the time she told us all about how a man can please her in the kitchen. No, not like that — get your mind out of the gutter, y'all. When asked if she preferred breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner, Rosie rattled off the best (and sexiest) answer ever:

"Breakfast in bed. Always. The candlelit dinner is just a prelude to this anyway. To me mornings are the best time of the day, relaxed and lazy. I think that you are more comfortable & relaxed with each other at home and in bed, than at dinner. Plus you are already naked, whats better than that?"

Breakfast in bed with Rosie Roff — imagine that, guys! Sigh, a man can dream, right? Anyway, let's get out heads out of the clouds, shall we? Boasting a cool 1.9 million followers on Instagram, Rosie is definitely no stranger to creepy DMs, but we're here to tell you now, that's not the way to grab her attention! Rosie is a big proponent for treating ladies with respect! As everyone should be! She once told us, "All girls are the same, everyone deserves the same level of respect. Treat everyone well, and the girls you like will respond to that." Amen to that, Rosie!

Lead Image Via Instagram/darkhorsevinn

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