Rosie Roff Forgets To Wear Anything Under Her Overalls And Well, We Hope She Starts A Trend

If you're not one of Rosie Roff's 1.8 million Instagram followers let me just start off by saying, you're making a big mistake—HUGE! I say this with absolutely no judgement, in fact, I'm saying it with admiration and praise: finding a picture of Miss Roff fully-clothed is like finding a needle in a haystack. She is so comfortable in her own skin that she's often photographed showing off well, all of it. Again, we're not complaining! She rocks the look, effortlessly.

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It was a little less than a year ago that FHM sat down with Rosie to tell us what impresses her in the kitchen. Yes Gentleman, even a model as in shape as Roff likes to eat! That's a common misconception ya'll need to forget—quick.

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When asked specifically if there was a particular dish that turned her on, Rosie opened right up with a delicious and cheesy answer! God, we didn't think we could love her anymore—

"In reality, It’s never the dish that turns you on.. it’s who’s making it or who you are sharing it with. The gesture is everything. I had a relationship with a French man once, I had cooked for him a lot during the week, then at the end of the week i came in, and he had made a French cheese fondue, it was so simple, but it was such a nice gesture.. Fondues are great, the interaction with the dish and sharing with each other is quite lovely."

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Le sigh, as the French would say. She's sheer perfection! Speaking of which, go ahead and check out her latest pictures! They're definitely something to be marveled at! Especially the one of her completely naked under a pair of overalls—talk about making farmer chic the hottest thing EV-ER.

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