Blake Lively Looks So Unrecognizable For New Role That Ryan Reynolds Just Had To Troll Her

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We've said it before and we'll say it again, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are #RelationshipGoals. Nope, we feel absolutely no shame using a hashtag primarily associated with teenage fangirls...nice try though! There's nothing wrong in throwing a little well-deserved praise at two people who clearly have the whole marriage thang down pat. They're beautiful, they're fun, they're obscenely rich. Hell, they're every girl's dream couple (and admittedly, ours too).

In all seriousness, the reason we love Ryan and Blake (mostly Blake) so much is because their trolling game is off the charts. Seriously, with the exception of Mia Khalifa and an assortment of angry sport's fans, these two are the most entertaining people on the internet, by far. If you haven't heard about their epic birthday trolling by now, we suggest you crawl out from the under the rock you've been living under.

We're on a new moment, guys, and it's even more hilarious than the last. See, Blake has been in Dublin filming for her new role in the movie, The Rhythm Section. Pretty normal, right? We mean, Lively is an actress — not exactly uncommon to find her on set. Well, as it turns out, the 30-year-old mother of Ryan's children doesn't exactly look herself for this particular part and Reynolds definitely took notice by sharing this hilarious post to his Instagram yesterday.

We're sorry, but, LOL. It's so simple, yet so effective. Reynolds has a real way with biting wit on the internet that you just don't see that often and needless to say, we're digging it. Of course, Blake herself is quite the troll and we have a feeling that she'll be serving Reynolds his just desserts soon enough.

Here's hoping this friendly feud continues — because we're lonely and single and it's nice to see what real love looks like. On the real, if these two ever split we're going to lose our sh-t. It's bad enough we lost Brad and Angelina, there's only so much we can take, you know? Or, uh, at least that's how we assume most women must feel.

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