Salma Hayek Welcomes New Year With A Hot Bikini Pic That Already Makes 2018 Awesome

There's no debate that 51-year-old actress Salma Hayek is forever one of the sexiest women in the world, with stunning looks and a successful career in Hollywood that has made us adore her for decades. And, just when we all thought that the Mexican actress couldn't get any hotter as the years continue to change, Salma proved us wrong by sweeping in the year 2018 with a hot Instagram pic of her in a purple bikini, proving that the new year is already awesome.

It's not hard to see why Salma Hayek continues to stun as an A-lister, but the fact that she can drop photos of herself looking better than women half her age is both impressive and, let's be honest, a little unfair to all those other ladies. Don't get us wrong, we're far from complaining about this, but it's literally incredible that Salma can look so damn good at her age and, because why not, can flaunt her curves on social media.

Anyway, we're done taking up more of your time by talking about the pics of Salma Hayek that have already made 2018 so great, so go ahead and take a look for yourself and get yourself on our level. Look, if other ladies are going to be following the lead of Salma all year by doing things like this on Instagram, we have a feeling this year is going to be the best year yet!

Lead image via Getty.

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