Samantha Sepulveda's A Hot Cop Whose Killer Looks Are Committing A Serious Crime

There are plenty of hot Instagram models out there, but Samantha Sepulveda — a real-life cop who also happens to have a mega hot Instagram account — is one that deserves all of our attention. And, while being arrested isn't something anyone would probably ask for, most people would happily make an exception to get cuffed and thrown into the back of Samantha's cruiser thanks to incredible sex appeal. Hell, as the headline says, it's her killer looks that could easily be charged with being a crime.


Samantha, who is a part-time model in addition to serving the police department, has seen her Instagram account flooded with people and now rise to close to 300,000 followers. And, in a 2017 interview with the New York Post doesn't seem to dislike the extra attention, completely embracing her newfound Instagram popularity.

“The support has been incredible!” Sepulveda said of all the new attention. She’s even been recognised while patrolling her beat in her cop uniform.

“I was at a hospital and a patient said, ‘Hey! You! You’re that hot model police officer!’ ” she said. “I didn’t know what to do! So I blushed and just walked the other way ... I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to [the fame].”

Of course, Samantha Sepulveda has lots of confidence and understands what her followers enjoy seeing, even talking about why she's so keen on showing off some skin. And, as you'll be able to tell in her pics below, you can understand why so many people are, in fact, legit drooling over her. There aren't too many cops out there who have so many people actually like them — but we're all willing to make an exception for Samantha.

“I’ve had exes who asked me why I need to show my boobs all the time,” Sepulveda said. “But I’m not stupid. If people want to look at my boobs that’s fine — but my Instagram has also given me a great platform to help people.”

A sexy woman who has a solid career, an amazing hobby and has no problem showing her boobs? Uh, Samantha sounds just about perfect. Plus, she has handcuffs and knows how to use them, gents, just sayin'.

New York Post

Lead image via Instagram/sammysep

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