Samsung Just Announced The Galaxy S8 Active, A More 'Rugged' Version Of The Flagship Smartphone

Image Via Samsung

With the smartphone market being as competitive as ever, it's an incredibly crucial time for manufacturers to come up with new and innovative ways of appealing to consumers. Of course, it's difficult because nowadays everyone declares their loyalties early on — i.e. Team Android or Team iPhone. Personally, I'm an Apple gal, but this latest announcement from Samsung has definitely peaked my interest and I'd venture to say you guys will feel the same way. According to Business Insider

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"Samsung on Monday officially announced the Galaxy S8 Active, a more rugged version of its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone. The phone will be exclusive to AT&T, but only "for a limited time." It'll be available to preorder on Tuesday, with a full release on Friday. AT&T says the device will cost $28.34 a month in a 30-month payment plan or $850.20 outright. As various leaks had suggested, the Galaxy S8 Active ditches the curved sides of the standard Galaxy S8 for a flatter, more traditional design. The display itself is the same as before — which is a good thing — but the bezels around it are more pronounced.

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Notable Features:

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