The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin: Everything You Need To Know

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After Apple finally confirmed that they tamper with older devices, more and more people are taking their technological needs elsewhere, one of those technological needs being laptops — cue the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin. After debuting ahead of CES 2018, the tech community is buzzing! Of course, this product isn't cheap; retailing at $1,199.00, it's definitely an investment. With that, we're going to share everything you need to know about the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin before you make the decision to purchase. Sound good? Let's get started!



Given all the amenities, this purchase seems like a no-brainer to us! If you're deciding to leave Team Apple, Samsung should most definitely be your next stop. That being said, it's only the second week of January — 2018 is sure to be a year full of cool tech! CES 2018 ends on Friday, so, maybe hold off until then to see everything that's out there!

You can purchase the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin, HERE.

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