Sara Underwood Dips Into A Hot Tub And Tells Us ALL About Penny Stocks

Beautiful, funny, and smart? Can someone pinch us, please? We must be dreaming. Sara Jean Underwood proves time and time again to be the total package and we just can't help falling a little more in love every time we see her (which is basically as often as we can).

This time the 33-year-old blonde bombshell has recreated Margot Robbie's infamous bathtub scene from The Big Short. What's that? You guys don't remember that scene? Hang on, let us refresh your memory:


Alright, you're welcome. Now back to Sara Jean! Stock trader and teacher, Tim Sykes knew that learning about penny stocks could prove to be a bit boring, especially for the YouTube generation. He's a nice guy and all, but there's no way in hell I'd sit there and watch him babble on about finance. That's why he was smart enough to get the lovely Ms. Underwood to help him out and boy, did she deliver!

See what we're saying, Fellas? The TO-TAL package! Of course we couldn't leave you hard and dry, I'm sorry—HIGH and dry—so here are some more pictures of the stunning Sara Underwood below. Enjoy!!

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