Sara Underwood Is The Sexiest (Topless) Lifeguard You'll Ever See

We've written about Sara Underwood before—even pointing out these insane nature-themed shots that she's been posting onto her Instagram the past few months. But of all the pics that we've enjoyed, there isn't one more absurd, more sexy, more mind-blowing than this one of the model dressed as a lifeguard without a top.

Underwood will forever be one of our all-time favorite ladies, and this is just another reason why we favor her over most—because she's unafraid to push the envelope a little bit. Plus, I mean, come on, even if you're not a nature person, we're pretty positive Sara Underwood just changed that for you.

Also, I'm not saying I'd fake drowning to be saved by Sara, but, OK, yes I am. Mouth to mouth is a must.