Sara Underwood's Boob Accidentally Popped Out During A Photoshoot (Video)

The always sexy Sara Underwood has seemed to be on this nationwide tour of some of the most incredible sights across the country, taking in the back woods, beaches, prairies and everything else Mother Nature.

And while the scenery in the photos would be incredible enough, when you add in a bombshell blonde like Sara standing around either scantily dressed or completely nude to show her lady parts, it makes the incredible imagery that much better.

Well, on a recent photoshoot on a beach, Sara Underwood was doing her thing when, oops, all of a sudden her right boob accidentally popped out for a little bit of fresh air.

Talk about sexy! And, of course, there's the unedited version, too.

As the video shows, Sara plays it off as best as she could, quickly readjusting herself to put the runaway breast back in her shirt, but not before we all got a sneak peek for a quick second or so.

The 32-year-old Sara Underwood is one of the sexiest, most-desired women on the planet, and, seeing as how she's been photographed around nature so much recently, it looks like her boob just wanted to go au naturale. Oh, har har.

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