Sara Underwood And Tina Louise Throw On Some Skimpy Bikinis And Talk Dating Advice For Men (Video)

Image Via YouTube/JZL

We have it on good authority that Sara Underwood and Tina Louise are some of the best dating experts in the game. Well, actually, that's not entirely true, we have no idea of their qualifications, we just know that we're not going to complain about two-drop-dead-gorgeous women wearing bikinis in the same video—possibly learning a thing or two is merely icing on the cake. Hey, at least we're honest!

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We won't get to talking too much, just go ahead and watch the magic unfold—

Sara Underwood is a true gem! When asked, "What kind of guy has a chance?" She replied, "Every guy!" Uh, please excuse us while we try and maintain our balance, we're feeling a little light-headed and overwhelmed with glee!

She also specified that she likes country guys, which means we'll be buying ourselves some cowboy gear later on today. Tina Louise seems to prefer the more Brooklyn hipster-look, detailing tattoos, piercings, and man buns. We're willing to comply with the tattoos and piercings (permitting it's not a Prince Albert) but we might have to draw the line at a man bun.

Ha, who are we kidding?! We'd do just about anything for either of these lovely ladies to blink in our general direction. Call us weak, if you will, but perhaps before you do, you'd like to go ahead and take a look at the Instagram pics below. I'd say you'll be pretty likely to change your tune!

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