Scared Of A Nuclear War? These 14 Cities Are Where Experts Claim You'll Be The Safest

Image via Shutterstock

As if you didn't already know, we live in a really fucked up world, where people blow themselves up because other people convince them it's a rite of passage and where countries go to war over the worst of reasons.

And if you're one of those people paranoid that something bad might happen—like, say, a nuclear war—experts just released a map showing which 14 cities around the world are the safest to be in that devastating circumstance.

Per the website ThisIsInsider, here's how the map breaks down, with reasons for each selected city.

Let's all pray that nothing nuclear happens that causes us to all freak out and scatter ourselves to various places in the world to stay alive, but with the recent threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it's at least smart to educate yourself a little bit—because people in power can be crazy.

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