School Nurse Receives Accidental Dirty Pic From Student Who Was Just Trying To Thank Her

As the saying goes, kids really do say the darndest things and this note from a young student to his school nurse for #NationalNurseDay is no exception. Well, perhaps it is—hear me out—it's not so much what this student wrote, but what they drew. Take a look:

To clarify, the notes reads—

Dear. Mrs ****,

Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. Thanks for taking care of us when we lose a tooth.

The child then sweetly ends the letter with love and their name. All pretty normal, right? Nothing unusual about that. So, what is it that makes this so perplexing? Well, here's the rest:

Take a minute. I'm sure you're now reexamining the note. Notice anything? Oh wait, that large drawing. What is that? No....could it be? That's not a ....no, wait a minute. Hang on, let me tilt my head. No, that's not clearing it up. Hm. Just throwing this out there, but, is that a giant, red, possibly flaming or infected male reproductive organ? Why yes, ladies and gentleman, that's exactly what it is.

It seems the while this student was innocently trying to convey a nurse's thermometer, he somehow managed to draw a penis. Fact is, the phallic symbol isn't really my issue here! In fact, that's the least graphic of it, it's a combination of the color and the tip that's really throwing me off. Does this particular thermometer have gonorrhea? Is it emitting some sort of odor that causes those little squiggly lines at the top or is that heat?? Does the thermometer have pubic hair?

It's all so abstract! I really can't figure it. Personally, I would love to pick the artist's brain because as far as I'm concerned this would do perfectly well in the MoMA.

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