Women Get Turned On By Some Pretty Weird Sh*t, According To New Research

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I think if you asked 100 men right now what they thought turned women on the most, their responses would be somewhere in the repetitive realm of good looks and money. Well, turns out, it gets a lot weirder than that.

The New York Post compiled research from multiple studies to showcase, in short, what women really want. Let's be real, isn't that something we ask ourselves every day?

There were some more conventional points like creativity and intelligence, a deep voice, and stubble, but then it starts to take an unexpected turn.


The Journal of Neuroscience conducted a study that yielded some pretty steamy results. It seems that women have all sorts of visceral reactions to male sweat - increased heart rate, larger production of cortisol, and of course, sexual arousal. The main reason for this being that when men sweat, they produce a compound called androstadienone. In essence, don't feel self-conscious after hitting the gym and throw that sweat rag in the trash!


The next study, published in published in Evolution and Human Behavior gets even stranger and may force you to rethink the therapy sessions you may or may not be dolling out a bunch of cash for. The study found that, "men who displayed the “Dark Triad” features of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are more attractive to women." While this is pretty disconcerting, it most definitely works in the male favor.

The article also made a brief mention that British women specifically are turned on by the scent of gas, leather, paint and printer ink. So, if you happen to be a Greaser-Painter-Mechanic-Computer Wiz in The UK, you should be swimming in a sea of women!


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