Penguins Dodging A Seal 100 Times Their Size Is More Intense Than Any 'Game Of Thrones' Battle We've Seen

Lead Image Via YouTube/BBCEarth

Not to sound completely insensitive, but can you F'in imagine not being human? If you're not human, you're basically being hunted. That's literally how the food chain works, and frankly, it's terrifying. We happen to especially love penguins, so, his particular video was a bit difficult to get through. That being said, there's some triumphant moments in here that could rival even the most intense battles during Game of Thrones. Yes, that includes "The Battle of the Bastards". If anything, think of the seal as Ramsay Bolton and the army of penguins as Jon Snow. In fact, you can swap Ramsay Bolton for any evil character and the analogy remains the same.

If you were't cheering like a freakin' mad man by the end of that video, we can't be friends with you! That little penguin scurrying away at the last minute was some Grade A entertainment. In fact, we haven't been that on edge since, well, ever — it's not every day that the content we watch is actually based on life or death. See, with Game of Thrones we know it's just a bunch of over-paid actors, these penguins aren't working for Hollywood, it's the real deal!

So, to the penguin that managed to save his (or her) own life, kudos to you! You make the rest of the Animal Kingdom look incredibly lazy. The most us humans have to work for survival is order takeout, pay a couple bills, and reproduce when the time is right (if we feel like it).

Lead Image Via YouTube/BBC Earth

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