Seeing How To Wrap A Holiday Present in Just 15 Seconds Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving (VIDEO)

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The holidays are, without a doubt, the best time of year. We get to spend time away from work and focus on family, friends and giving to those in need. What could be better? That being said, in the midst of all the holiday spirit is one thing every man dreadswrapping presents for Christmas — as it seems to be the one thing that continuously drives us all crazy, often leading to a bunch of involuntary F bombs out of frustration.

Fear not, though, because we've got your back, showing you how to wrap presents for christmas (or any other holiday, for that matter) in just under 15 seconds. Yep, you read that correctly, guys. You're about to learn how to wrap presents in less time than it takes your girlfriend to decide what she wants to eat for dinner. Then again, reading The Bible would take less time than it takes your girlfriend to decide what she wants to eat for dinner.

How To Wrap Presents For Christmas:

Known as the diagonal gift wrapping technique, this might be the best gift you'll receive all season long (next to the sexiest women to follow on Instagram in December, 2017) as it eliminates all the headaches of using too much paper and too much tape, which, let's face it, is exactly what happens every freakin' time. Go ahead, try it out! We suspect you'll be wrapping like a professional after the first try! Better yet, we suspect you'll be wrapping better than your mom in no time and that really says it all!

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