Seeing What Happens To Your Body When Drowning Will Keep You Out Of The Water Forever (VIDEO)

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We're all going to die at some point, we know that, but it's how you're going to die that people seem to freak out about. I mean, who's to say that I won't walk out of the office right now and be the one person who gets hit by a falling asteroid? It's slim chances, but it might be the way I'm supposed to go.

While some people really do try and prevent themselves from experiencing a painful death, one thing that we (hopefully) all to do each day is bathe, surrounding ourselves with water and risking drowning in some absurd way.

And, whether it's drowning in the bathtub or by swimming in a large body of water, the people at LifeNoggin posted this informative—and terrifying—animated video on their YouTube channel that explains exactly what happens to your body while drowning.


As the video shows, falling victim to drowning isn't much like it appears in movies, where people are splashing and trying anything they can to stay afloat. In fact, according to Life Noggin, it's, typically, a silent act, since the mouth is usually submerged under water and any hyperventilation will only cause more water to be breathed in.

After losing consciousness due to lack of oxygen, shutting down your brain and going into cardiac arrest, your airway eventually relaxes and your lungs fill with water.

The good news? According to MedicalDaily, your chances of survival are higher if the water's cold, since hypothermia redirects oxygenated blood to your most important organs, helping you live longer off limited oxygen.

Still, after seeing this video and researching the stages of death by drowning, I'm just going to avoid the water as much as possible from here on out—because this is a terribly traumatic way to go.

Medical Daily

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