Selena Gomez Makes Sofas Sexy, Plus The Hardest Reddit Challenge You'll Ever Take

Here are the 15 GIFs, viral videos and pieces of sexy brilliance that every man should know about this week...

01  This absolutely gruelling obstacle course could give Gladiators a run for its money...

02   Can you beat Reddit’s ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenge? We failed, miserably

03  The world's coolest Uncle showing how you really dunk a basketball

04  This week was an unofficially record-breaking week in sexiness

05  This little girl taking her first ever acrobatic plane trip, with no fear at all

06  Introducing Jennylyn Mercado, the woman who won FHM Philippines' version of 100 Sexiest

07  Fatherhood is coming for us all. Find out what to expect when you're expecting with Example's  guide to totally owning fatherhood

08  This perfectly looped GIF of a surfer doing a loop

09  Charles Booth is very, very funny indeed

10  It might be 2015, but boredom is going absolutely nowhere

11  Selena Gomez somehow made rolling around on a sofa look sexy

12  Burger King in Japan is going to start making red burgers, and we're not sure whether that's a good thing

13  Alan Rickman on helium is possibly the greatest thing we've ever seen

14  Did you somehow miss absolutely everything at E3? Relax, we’ve got you covered

15  The ever mental, completely chilling True Detective returns tonight

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